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To secure your system at the listed price, it is critical to let your intent be known to SOLAR TECH SYSTEMS. Once your intention to purchase has been made, the following steps need to followed

1. Forward your NMI Number

2. Provide Meter Box information such as single phase or 3 phase

3. Forward your deposit ( 10% ) to Solar Tech Systems by doing Online transfer. Following are the bank details

Tech Solutions Enterprise, Pty, Ltd Trading as “ Solar Tech Systems “
Commonwealth Bank
BSB 062-107

4. Book in a date for installation
5. On day of installation all STC Paperwork must be completed upon completion, and full and final payment must be made by the following method

Electronic Funds Transfer

6. Our Installer will submit necessary paperwork to the Power Company ( Energex or Ergon ) for the Net Solar Meter. Customer is advised to contact their energy provider to request the new meter

7. If the customer cancels the installation within 24 hours of the scheduled install, the customer will forfeit a $200fee from their deposit or be charged a $200 rescheduling fee.


PANELS PRODUCT WARRANTY (10 Year Minimum) All panels that we sell come with a minimum warranty period of 10 years. This is in relation to the product itself, ie the frame and glass of the panel, as well as the electricals.

OUTPUT WARRANTY (25 Years) All panels that we sell come with a standard 25 year Linear Output Warranty. All panels are guaranteed to be outputting a minimum of 90% of their nameplate rating after 10 years, and 80% after 25years.
INVERTERS Majority of the inverters on the market come standard with a 5 year warranty. Most manufacturers allow you to extend this warranty up to a period of 10 years (Additional Costs apply).

WORKMANSHIP We warrant all workmanship for a period of 5 years. For customers that take out a Service Schedule with us, we will extend that warranty to 10 years. Roof Leaks are warranted for 12 months from the install date, or from the most recent rain (whichever is the lesser). If you have a tiled roof, it is the responsibility of the owner to have surplus tiles on hand to replace any breakages. If you don’t have any tiles, we will move tiles from the eaves so that they can be changed by the owner at a later date. While we take as much care as possible, on most tile roofs it is inevitable that breakages occur.

Contact SOLAR TECH SYSTEMS if the problem is with a product, we will contact the manufacturer and organise the replacement. Where possible we will attend to site to do the warranty work. If the problem is with workmanship, contact us immediately, along with any records or photos to support your claim and we will attend to it immediately.

While these conditions are plentiful, they are designed to make the process as painless and transparent as possible for both the Supplier and Consumer.