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6.6 KW, 12KW and upto 100KW systems are available

6.6 KW Battery ready Solar System with 6.6 KW Jinko Solar panels and 5KW SOLAX single phase Inverter

6.6 KW Battery ready Solar System with 6.6 KW Jinko solar panels and 5KW Fronius single phase Inverter

6.6 KW system with 6.6 KW JINKO solar panels, 5KW SOLAX single phase Hybrid Inverter ( including battery charger ) and 6.5kwhr LG Lithium Ion battery

Cost / benefit analysis vs Grid Power

  • With average daily usage of 15 to 20 kwhr of a typical Australian household , you will have significant savings on your electricity bill by using 25 to 30kwhr of solar energy produced by this system per day and by using the credit from $0.16 / kwhr feed in tariff
    Your payment towards purchase of solar system is investment in your asset vs payment to the power company is money throwing away.
    There is a lot to gain in the short term and long term through solar system and thousands of dollars to lose if you continue to rent electricity
    Average Payback period is 2 to 3 years as your savings from the bill will pay off the system and then free power for 22 years
    According to a study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, installing standard solar panels can add between 3 and 4% value to a home
    Electricity rates are expected to go up so solar is a good option to produce your own cleaner energy good for the environment

LG Lithium Ion Battery with 6000 cycles and 6 kwhr of usable power

6.5 kwhr LG Lithium Ion Battery with 6000 cycles and 6 kwhr of usable power and Solax Hybrid Inverter

Emergency Power Supply
• MPPT efficiency up to 99%
• Maximum efficiency up to 97.6%
• Maximum DC input voltage of 580V
• Dual MPP tracker and wide MPPT voltage
range for more flexibility
• Manager remotely via built-in CT and
WiFi monitoring
• Programmable Export Control

Superior Quality components
and CEC Accredited Installer

Solar Tech Systems only uses Clean Energy Council accredited installers and we only use superior quality components that meets all standards and regulations. 

Financing available with low monthly
payment and zero deposit.

We offer 5 and 10 years lease term. There is tax benefit and there is no deposit required. There is no pre payment penalty for early payoff which will allow you to save on the interest for the remaining term of the loan.